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Turin guide of the city - Chinese edition

Turin guide of the city – Chinese edition

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Turin, a constantly evolving city. From Augusta Taurinorum to first capital of Italy, from Queen of the Automobile to a leading role in the 2006 Olympic Games. Today the city presents itself transformed and with this renewed image it is even more beautiful. Rich in splendorous history, museums, cultural events, contemporary architecture and art. With its characteristic arcades, marvelous parks and magic places, it a city that should be discovered, that has an endless multitude of styles and settings. That is the purpose of this guide. An attempt to comprehensively lead you through the wonderful images, maps and descriptions that make up this exciting visit to the city.

Chinese edition
Authors: Enrico Aretini and Patrizia Rosso
Editor: Aros Comunicazione
Printed publication: april 2017
ISBN: 978-88-902759-0-6
Pages: 194 in color

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Dimensioni 15 x 1.5 x 21.5 cm